Next to a mask, we figured that another essential you need when going out is a simple bag that can hold your basics! We made them matchy-matchy with a washable cloth mask too. 


Pro tip: save yourself from the hassle of thinking what bag or mask to match your outfit by assigning one set every day of the week. Yup, we made 7 sets ;)

Everyday Essentials Set 1

Color Options

    Plain cotton fabric

    Velcro closure

    With one (1) open pocket inside

    Size: 12.5” width x 13.25” height ; 27” total strap length



    Plain cotton fabric + Tetoron cotton fabric (filter pocket) with 1/8 flat black garter

    Size: 8.5” width x 4.75” height (MEDIUM)

    Our cloth face masks are made from cotton fabric, has a filter pouch and features a behind-the-ear elastic. They are reusable and washable.

    Our non-medical masks are not intended for healthcare use or to prevent COVID-19 or any other disease. You should still follow all advised precautions and other advice from medical professionals. Additional precautions to protect from COVID-19 while wearing masks include handwashing, wearing gloves, and avoiding touching your face and practicing social distancing.