SMALL size

For women or kids ages 6-12 yo

8.25” (width) x 4.5” (height)


Our cloth face masks are made from cotton fabric, has a filter pouch and features a behind-the-ear elastic. They are reusable and washable.


Our non-medical masks are not intended for healthcare use or to prevent COVID-19 or any other disease. You should still follow all advised precautions and other advice from medical professionals. Additional precautions to protect from Covid-19 while wearing masks include handwashing, wearing gloves, and avoiding touching your face and practicing social distancing.



Japan Cotton Fabric + Tetoron Cotton Fabric (filter pocket)

NOTE: Pattern may vary because of positioning of fabric when sewn

with 1/8 flat black/white garter

Cloth Face Mask (Small)



    Since our masks are made from printed cotton, the mask’s dye might fade if machine-washed. We recommend that you wash your mask with warm, soapy water for at least one minute and dry it, preferably in the sun. Regular cleaning, especially after a day’s use or when the mask is visibly soiled or moist is most important.



    We recommend to insert 3 layers of tissue (1 facial tissue and 2 kitchen paper towels) in the filter pocket.

    Middle layer for filtration

    Generally, kitchen paper towels meet the hygiene standard in food handling. A scanned kitchen paper towel under electronic microscope revealed that the fabric size, gaps and layout of a kitchen paper towel are similar to that of the middle layer of a surgical mask.

    Inner layer for moisture absorption (3-ply / 4-ply pocket / box tissue)

    Facial tissue is hygienic and soft, with strong water absorption. It is suitable for use as the inner layer of face mask. You can also use a disposable filter pad if you have one.



    When wearing a cloth face mask, the inner layer with facial tissue should cover the nose and mouth with kitchen paper towel facing outward. Replace your cloth face mask timely, say after an hour or two, or whenever the facial tissue is wet.

    We recommend that you use this cloth mask preferably on instances that require minimal interaction with people. Use a surgical mask if you are visiting a high risk location such as a hospital or clinic, or when you have any symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection.


    Always keep safe & healthy! PSALM 9